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Membership meetings are the first Thursday of each month unless otherwise designated.

3rd shift:     6:45am
2nd shift:    1pm
1st shift:     2:45pm
Our current contract with the company expires April 1st, 2017.  Negotiations will begin soon.  SOLIDARITY!!
Your Executive Board

President                      Scott Klomfas
Vice-President              Sylvester Hampton
Recording Secretary     Irene Holmes
Financial Secretary       Cliff Boyd
Trustee                          Bryan Odom
Trustee                          Carl Jones
Trustee                          Elizabeth Woods
Sargent at Arms            Rod Gibson
Guide                            Tammy Oxford

Arkansas Department of Workforce Services
Arkansas Department of Workforce Services

The cost for Medical Insurance for 2017 is as follows.

Active Employees increased 13.1% for single and 15.8% for Employee and Family

- Single Monthly $111.24 Weekly $25.67

- Employee & Child(ren) Monthly $286.14 Weekly $66.03

- Employee & Family Monthly $328.16 Weekly $75.37

Retiree Medical cost who were 55 before March 20, 2005 Monthly cost increased 13.1% across all tiers 

- Single $111.24

- Surviving Spouse $209.13

- Retiree & Family $320.37

Retiree Medical Cost who were under 55 after March 20, 2005 Monthly cost. Rates unchanged from 2016

Retiree $211.90

Retiree & Spouse $423.80

Retiree & Family $508.56


Contract Negotiations will begin February 20th and run until contract expiration of April 1st.  Stand together!  Stand United!  Solidarity!!


Members wanting to opt out of the Caremark Maintenance choice program can do so January 1st. Just call Caremark 1-888-769-9030. You opt out for each medication. Everyone has been placed in the maintenance choice program and must opt if they don’t want to participate. Members wanting to continue to use their local pharmacies and not CVS/Target pharmacy must opt out. Members can choose to opt the entire program or choose which prescriptions that want to stay in the program.

The Union has submitted the following information request to the Company regarding Lynn Haven rate increase to 300 and Fort Smith reduced to 85 units a day. 

• Is this a permanent transfer of work from Fort Smith, Arkansas to Lynn Haven, Florida

• What are the plans for 2017 (January - December) for Fort Smith production of i2 product and/or what is the forecasted production (rate per day) of the i2 product in Fort Smith

• Are there any plans for discussions with the Union about any opportunities to retain this work in Fort Smith

• Will this transfer of production of i2 units from Fort Smith to Lynn Haven eventually lead to loss of jobs at Fort Smith

• Are there any other plans for transfer of any other product or production from Fort Smith that would be loss of jobs or create movement in the plant

• Has the agreement with Lynn Haven to run i2 product changed/been modify and if so, please provide the details
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The company announcing plant closing in a couple of months.  More to come.

The current plan is for the Bargaining Committee to meet with the Company February 14th to discuss the Severance language in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and how this affects the membership. We will also discuss the plans for the upcoming negotiations that have been previously agreed to in December to begin February 20th. We will communicate all information as soon as possible and keep the membership updated. 

The Company communicated there will be no layoffs until the end of April of 2017. At that time all assembly production lines in Fort Smith will end and will move to other Trane plants in the United States (Tyler Texas, Lynn Haven Florida, Vidalia Georgia, Columbia South Carolina). All remaining production in the Fabrication (Sheetmetal) area should end in sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2017.


Had discussions with the Company today on the Severance language, Job Placement assistance, employee assistance program, and education and retraining assistance in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. We have great Severance language in our contract. The Discussions on the language all went well. We discussed putting information out to the membership on the different options available to assistance members in making their choice. We have agreed to meet again Tuesday February 21st.

The Company communicated they will give WARN notice in February, that Friday April 28th, would be last worked for those members affected by the 1st wave of reductions of around 130 (rough numbers could change). 

WARN Notice

The Company and Union are in agreement that employees with less than 4 years of service will receive a minimum of 4 weeks of pay in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.


The Company communicated today the plan is to have two waves of reductions.  The first wave will be around 118 employees on April 28th, 2017.  The second wave would be all remaining employees including skilled trades on July 28th, 2017.


The Company and Union have discussed a 2 year extension to our Collective Bargaining Agreement, final seniority list for employees eligible for severance pay and benefits. The Union has submitted questions to the Company related to Severance, retirement and benefits based on age and years of service. The Company will be working on document for the contract extension and answering our questions. The plan is meet back Tuesday February 28th. The meetings are going good at this time. All discussions are to extend the contract and pay the Severance in accordance with our Collective Bargaining Agreement.
A link to the Straight Talk newsletter is on the Links Documents page.  An updated seniority list is also on the Links Documents page.

Now, more than ever, is a time for solidarity.  We must all stick together to get through these next few months.  Stay positive.  Stay focused.  Stand together.  We will make it, together!
Strike Authorization Vote
Thursday March 9th
5am till 4pm
UAW Union Hall