UAW Local 716

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Membership meetings are the first Thursday of each month unless otherwise designated.

3rd shift:     6:45am
2nd shift:    1pm
1st shift:     2:45pm
Our current contract with the company expires April 1st, 2017.  Negotiations will begin soon.  SOLIDARITY!!
Your Executive Board

President                      Scott Klomfas
Vice-President              Sylvester Hampton
Recording Secretary     Irene Holmes
Financial Secretary       Cliff Boyd
Trustee                          Bryan Odom
Trustee                          Carl Jones
Trustee                          Elizabeth Woods
Sargent at Arms            Rod Gibson
Guide                            Tammy Oxford

Arkansas Department of Workforce Services
Arkansas Department of Workforce Services

The cost for Medical Insurance for 2017 is as follows.

Active Employees increased 13.1% for single and 15.8% for Employee and Family

- Single Monthly $111.24 Weekly $25.67

- Employee & Child(ren) Monthly $286.14 Weekly $66.03

- Employee & Family Monthly $328.16 Weekly $75.37

Retiree Medical cost who were 55 before March 20, 2005 Monthly cost increased 13.1% across all tiers 

- Single $111.24

- Surviving Spouse $209.13

- Retiree & Family $320.37

Retiree Medical Cost who were under 55 after March 20, 2005 Monthly cost. Rates unchanged from 2016

Retiree $211.90

Retiree & Spouse $423.80

Retiree & Family $508.56


The Company is planning to pay out all remaining vacation including the shutdown vacation on December 16th. This could change and if so we will know next week. We will communicate any change.